Yesterday nine members my Morning Glory’s Garden Club went to the Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary near Whitecloud. We took the 1.2 mile trail from the parking lot around Loda Lake and back to the parking lot. Most of the plants were labeled, but we needed a wildflower book to double check which plant was being marked. Very few people get to see these plants in the wild anymore; they have disappeared from most wild sites.

Leaving the sanctuary, we stopped for lunch on the way back and then stopped again at a nursery north of Baldwin. It was cool and threatened rain, but a perfect day for a walk in the woods. Loda Lake is one of the ongoing projects of MGC and it was a pleasure to see all the wildflowers. Any warmer and the insects would have been out in full force.

Last of ladyslippers in bloom

Last of ladyslippers in bloom

Pitcher plant found along Loda Lake

Pitcher plant found in bloom along Loda Lake