I’ve been so busy working in the vegetable garden, prepping food for storage and pulling weeks I’ve ignored many of my houseplants summering outdoors. Last week I moved most of them to the covered porch, spraying and cleaning them to get ready to come indoors. I moved all the cactus onto the ledge so they could still get sun. There was nothing special about them, except they had grown.

Today I’m out looking around, and this caught my eye.

blooming cactus

Blooming cactus

I don’t remember seeing buds on the little bloomer, but look at that gorgeous flower! Wow! It’s quite large, bigger than a silver dollar. I’ve had the cactus fifteen years from a small quarter sized whipper snapper. The pot is about 14″ in diameter to give you a perspective on the size.
What a happy surprise!

I’m not sure of the cactus species. I have it written down somewhere, and won a blue ribbon on a dish garden fourteen years ago. I’m too excited to look it up.