A week ago, Cadillac Garden Club hosted the District V spring meeting(click to see photos) for Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. at the Kettunen Center. The facilities were wonderful and their help prepared a delicious lunch. I received a certificate from the state president for being her parliamentarian, plus a jar of her homemade hot fudge sundae topping. (Yum! I reluctantly shared it.) Dee Blair gave a program on her garden in Traverse City, which I’ve seen and is a wonderful garden to tour–very innovation and yet perfect for the Victorian house it surrounds. Morning Glory’s, my other garden club, helped by doing one of the workshops. This was a nature walk to gaze upon wildflowers. Well, our wildflowers are a little behind schedule because of all all cold weather. The authority on the wildflowers took our group on a walk the Friday before so we could identify the flowers and know where they were, but when I guided my group, I misguided them. We were on the wrong path. The only saving grace from my muddle was the group saw a scarlet tanager, and the walk was good exercise in a beautiful wooded area. Great day.

nature walk

Oh Lord! What wildflower did she say to look for here?

Photograph by Jim Higgins.