Have you watched the Decorah eagles live cam? I have for three of the last four years, and didn’t last year only because the eagle pair abandoned one nest to build a new one in a nearby tree.

The three eaglets in the nest hatched the first week of April and pin feathers are starting to stick out of their fuzzy coats. Mom and dad are very attentive parents, although they now leave their eaglets alone in the next for long periods. I’ve seen the parents both snow covered and rain drenched while sitting and keeping their eggs and hatchlings warm and dry, pulling apart fish and animals to feed their babies, and crunching up corn stalks to make bedding. I believe these are the 18, 19, and 20 babies this pair has produced.

I watch the little eaglets copying their parents’ behaviors, stretching their featherless wings backward and up, sleeping like piles of dead carrion, and poking at each other with their beaks.

It makes me wonder if after leaving the nest they recognize their siblings. Does nesting together leave residual feelings like human siblings share?

Other eagle cams have sprung up, one in the Pittsburgh area and in Atlanta area. They seem to have drawn viewers away from the Decorah pair. In previous years when I’ve logged on I’d often find over 20 thousand other viewers logged on, now it is about half that number. They also litter the cam view with advertisements. Don’t you love it? Still a fascinating look into the lives of eagles.