I do a lot of recycling, not only saving items from trash dumps by taking them to recycle centers, but also by inventing new uses for items that can no longer fulfill their original purpose.

We had six bags of concrete that were accidentally left outside. It rained; hard. The cement hardened inside the bags. What a waste of money and concrete. The  bags set next to the garage for months before I had an idea. I pulled off the paper covering and planted the concrete in a path of my garden as stepping stones. I was sure it was a horrible idea and the concrete would just crumble into small pieces. None of the forms broke up. They’ve been in the ground for at least seven years. A couple have cracked, but they stayed usable.

images of cement bags now stepping stones.

recycled stepping stones

Plants have grown around them, and now moss is encroaching into cracks and crevices. Each step, while vaguely oval, has surface markings from the original bag container that marks each a little differently, and they’ve begun to take on a patina of stone. Will they last forever? Probably not, but most likely longer than me.