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This summer has been devoted to getting many things on the ‘list’ completed. I’ve had this gourd for a bird house and was going to paint it as a bird, but couldn’t figure out what bird. It sat for a long time before the below image popped into my mind. Then it sat waiting for me to actually do the painting. I did it this week, then I had to find a place to put it. When hung from fishline it twirls around and no bird would inhabit it. I’m not sure if they would now, either, but being tied to a chain seems to hold it in place. cat birdhouse cat2


I gave a program to the Sweetwater Evening GC last week on small and miniature designs. Small designs must be no greater than 8″ in width, depth, height and in scale so they look very much like a full sized design. Miniatures are under 5″ in any dimension. I had an enjoyable time and hope the SWGC members did, too. Afterward, they judged the nine designs for flower show awards.

Here are some of my designs.

table design

Tea on the veranda -- a table design

vignette design

A corner of the garden -- a vignette miniature

small collage design

An abstract collage (small design)

framed spatial miniature design

Framed spatial miniature design

My large family decided years ago rather than spend tons of money on everyone or draw names, we would do a make it, bake it, or grow it Christmas gift. This is my this year’s effort (and my Santa’s helper, who sanded and primed the gourds, and the cut holes). My sister Jewel grew the gourds. I painted them. They haven’t the final coat of polyurethane on yet, but I thought they turned out pretty good. Hopefully wrens will like them for homes this coming summer. Outdoors I think they should last one or two seasons. By then, Jewel will have grown more gourds (season is too short were I am), they’ll have cured long enough to shed their outer skin and I can then make more birdhouses! Hope everyone liked them as much as I liked painting them.

Birdhouse Gourds



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