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Finished up another painted gourd. This one just in time for Halloween. She/he came off friendlier than I anticipated, but someone said she looks total evil, ready to eat you. I believe my sister Juli grew this gourd in her garden. I have some I have planted but I’m too far north for them to ripen reliably. Right now the fruits are just beginning to develop.

The Witch Front

The Witch Front

The Witch Back

The Witch Back

I gave a program to the Sweetwater Evening GC last week on small and miniature designs. Small designs must be no greater than 8″ in width, depth, height and in scale so they look very much like a full sized design. Miniatures are under 5″ in any dimension. I had an enjoyable time and hope the SWGC members did, too. Afterward, they judged the nine designs for flower show awards.

Here are some of my designs.

table design

Tea on the veranda -- a table design

vignette design

A corner of the garden -- a vignette miniature

small collage design

An abstract collage (small design)

framed spatial miniature design

Framed spatial miniature design

Roger at the library sent me a photo of my wall hanging design today, so I’m posting that, too.

The design uses dried gourds, artemisia, lavender, dried seed heads and feathers attached to a round basket tray. The nice thing about anything dried is that is will last all winter long; however, I usually take them down when I put up Christmas decorations. In January and February I much prefer to see blooming plants like Cliva, Christmas cactus and Amaryllis.


Gourd Wall Hanging



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