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Armature form design

Tuesday and Wednesday the 51st Michigan Flower Symposium was held in Kalamazoo. I dithered hadn’t planned on attending or not, remaining a flower show judge or not, but a couple emails changed my mind and I went.

David Robson from Illinois gave an informative and interesting program on ferns. I love ferns but my soil is too dry to grow them except for the wild parts of the property, too far from the house. Maidenhair and Ostrich ferns grow wild out there. An excellent speaker, David kept the audience’s attention.

Reflective design

Wednesday Charlene Mutchler, a very experienced floral design instructor, took over the program. She talked about and showed examples of the new armature form design, reflective, creative abstract, and multi-rhythmic designs. She has the symposium order the flowers and then designs from what components, vases, etc. the symposium can provide.

Multi-rhythmic design

Hopefully I passed the two point scoring exams on horticulture and floral design so this will be the last one I have to do that particular chore.


This was for the library, but they are moving into the new section of the library, so AI didn’t take the design. Uses the very last of the daffodils. One twig is misplace. Of course, I didn’t see that until I took the photo.

spring design

spring design

One of the problems of no longer having a design group to work with is that I have to rely on my camera and analyze my own mistakes.



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