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I start back to work next week and I’m wondering what I did with my summer. Yes, I had a book (fantasy anthology) published. Yes, I planted a vegetable garden and I’ve been harvesting vegetables all summer. Yes, I’ve made advances on the mural I’m painted up the staircase and I’ve made progress in my writing, but not as much as I wanted to. I do have my class plans ready to go. And I’ve kept the registration for the Tri-Refresher for MGC, Inc. up to date. Still, things didn’t go quite how I planned. They never seem to do so.

There are still great days left to summer and early autumn, so I’m not complaining, but boy, how the last hundred days have flown by! The plants I wanted to move in August were not transplanted and remain on the to-do list. The weeds got away from me in certain parts of the garden (started sorting that problem out yesterday), and I didn’t get some of the things accomplished that I wanted. It was way too hot here during almost all of late July and early August for me to want to be outside.

Today I planted some perennial seeds in planters that hopefully will sprout and grow a little before the first frost. Even then I can move the containers holding them into the green house and they’ll be able to grow some more before winter claims them. Maybe this will work better for me than planting indoors in late winter. That hasn’t been spectacularly successful.

Had a wonderful August garden club meeting in a member’s beautiful yard. Take a look.




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