I received the news in the mail this week. I passed my last flower show point scoring exam with scores of 95 and 98, so I am now a master flower show judge. I nearly gave up due to busy schedule and had decided not to attend the symposium, but two very encouraging friends urged me on. So now I never have to take that exam again. I just need to make exhibits, two a year: one in horticulture and one in design. For that requirement, I even have a display place. One of the administrative assistants at WSCC is going to let me place exhibits in her office which has a glass wall looking onto the corridor and student sitting areas in the Arts and Science Building. It is a very good spot with plenty of exposure, and she will enjoy the designs and horticulture I bring to display. Win-win. I post photos of my exhibits when I make them.

On another note, I did lose my certification in landscape design. The refreshers are always while I’m teaching. I’ll make it up sometime in the future.